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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mail art swap

I think one of the things contained in my lost post was that I listed a call for mail art at

So far I have received two submissions! The first one came the day after I listed the call, so the artist must have had them on hand. It's just a basket-weave photo postcard pretentiously called "Tan Lattice Klick-Klack" (sorry, Doug Galloway).

The new one which came today is absolutely fascinating. It's from Pedro Berricat in Spain. It is laminated. Would our post office accept that? The stamp is under the laminate, and the postmark is so rubbed off that it can hardly be seen.

Next, it is smaller than our postcard requirements. I guess if it gets here under the laws of its own country, our post office will deliver it.

Finally, it's a collage with several different stamps and addresses. I have no idea how the post office decided to send it to me, except that one address in the UK has the word "Digress" and there is a hand pointing to my address.

Anyway, it's quite marvelous and I love it.

As is traditional with mail art, documentation to everyone, no returns. The documentation is being published on my Flickr group "Gridded Squares" at

For some reason the small photos in the group all say "By Made Maka" and I don't kmow how to edit that to get rid of it. But when you click on the photos they are properly attributed. The only one that's actualy mine is the "ABC-123" collage.

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